Mobile Showrooms

Author: Luxury Kitchen Bath Express |

Our convenient mobile showrooms make it easy to select just the right products right from your front door.

Large showrooms can be overwhelming, while small companies without a showroom offer too limited a selection.

Many will push you towards inferior plastic products because they have an extremely limited product offering.

In our mobile showrooms we can show you real products, plus with our big screen TV we can show 1,000s of tiles and more cabinet and countertop choices than even the biggest showrooms. We also have a convenient Design Studio in Angier.

We offer the industry’s best 5 Year Warranty on all parts and labor we provide.

Many North Carolina companies only offer 1 Year on labor only and required by NC law. We give you the longest and strongest warranty in the region.

Our Warranty is direct, local and provided by us, not some Corporation in another state. You don't want some 1,000 miles away deciding what's covered and what's not.