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We've created over 1,000 dream Kitchens and Baths.
We'd love to help you with yours.

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Luxury Kitchen Bath Express is a FRESH approach to remodeling your Kitchen or Bath Nationally recognized Kitchen Bath professionals have created a better customer experience from Design through Construction.

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Why Choose Us

    • We Listen

    Often designers will design projects with their tastes in mind, not the homeowner's. You can see their style in every project, not making it personal.

    Often contractors will have a homeowner say exactly what they want and the contractor will reply, “No you don’t”.

    At Luxury Kitchen Bath Express we actually listen to you and what you have to say. We then use our 25 yrs experience to guide you to what’s right for you.

    • Deep Experience

    Over the past 25 years we’ve designed and remodeled over 1,000 Kitchens and 1,000 Bathrooms.

    Whether your challenged with needing more storage, better organization, or how to design a more workable space, we can help.

    Need to remove a load-bearing wall, move plumbing items or completely change the layout, we’ve seen it, done it and have a seasoned team of skilled craftsmen to do it right.

    • Owner Managed Projects

    The Difference

    The owner of a business has the power to make things right and keep your needs in mind. Owners take ownership.

    A successful remodeling project results from 3 Critical Keys.

    • Good Communication
    • Good Systems and
    • Quality Craftsmen

    In a small company, Chuck-with-a-truck is frequently flying by the seat of his pants, not really managing anything.

    With larger companies you almost never meet the owner until things have gone really wrong.

    Hoping for a sales rep to stay connected after the sale is made can lead to frustration and project dissatisfaction.

    With Luxury Kitchen Bath Express an owner is with you from design through construction and all the way through to closing out the project.

    • Mobile Showrooms

    Our convenient mobile showrooms make it easy to select just the right products right from your front door.

    Large showrooms can be overwhelming, while small companies without a showroom offer too limited a selection.

    Many will push you towards inferior plastic products because they have an extremely limited product offering.

    In our mobile showrooms we can show you real products, plus with our big screen TV we can show 1,000s of tiles and more cabinet and countertop choices than even the biggest showrooms. We also have a convenient Design Studio in Angier.

    We offer the industry’s best 5 Year Warranty on all parts and labor we provide.

    Many North Carolina companies only offer 1 Year on labor only and required by NC law. We give you the longest and strongest warranty in the region.

    Our Warranty is direct, local and provided by us, not some Corporation in another state. You don't want some 1,000 miles away deciding what's covered and what's not.

    • 3-D Design & Virtual Reality

    If you’ve watched the HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper you've seen our 3-D software in action.

    We use the exact same software Chip & Joanna use on their show with their clients. This 3-D color rendering imagery helps you visualize what your project can look like.

    About Virtual Reality...
    This fun feature seems to excite everyone. Our clients from 27 to 72 years old all love the ability to put on VR Goggles and see their kitchen or bath design in a real spatial perspective. You can see how it will feel to live in your new space before investing in a major project.

    • Zero Maintenance Tiled Showers

    Everyone loves the Look of TILE, but hates cleaning Grout.
    While some New grouts offer higher stain resistance, we feel that's not good enough.

    That's why at KB Express we have chosen to do our showers with the Best Grout in the World. This amazing grout has a Lifetime Warranty.

    Yes, it costs more, and takes longer to install, but once it's installed, it's One and Done for a Lifetime.

    And the best part...
    It NEVER needs to be sealed.

    So you can rest assured you have the product everyone loves, without any of the drawbacks and maintenance.

Kitchen Bath Design Remodeling Experts

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Kitchen Bath Design & Remodel

Kitchen Bath Design & Remodel

  • Why Remodel?

    A Kitchen or Bath makeover adds value to your home, and enhances your quality of Life.

    A quality remodel can make you feel better every day. So it's important to get it right.

  • Experience Matters

    We've completed over 1,000 Kitchens & 1,000 Bath Makeovers. We can help with yours too.

    Did you know 1 out of 3 homeowners considering a kitchen or bath remodel will quit their project because they feel overwhelmed.

  • What we believe

    We believe that the design & remodel process can and should be better.
    That's why we created Luxury Kitchen Bath Express.

  • Who we are

    We are a team of Nationally recognized Industry Leaders working hard to make the Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Experience Better.

    Remodeling your kitchen or bath can be an exciting, enjoyable and positive experience.

    Start down a positive path towards your new kitchen or bath right now.

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  • Kitchen

    It's all about the Details

    Great kitchens & bathrooms are the result of paying close attention to the details.

    As the old proverb says, "It's the little foxes that steal the grapes."

    Paying attention to seemingly small items makes your experience smoother and better.

  • Bathroom

    Getting Your Design Just Right

    We've completed over 1,000 kitchen & bath projects over the past 20 years. We have taught accredited courses for the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

    Only 3% of Kitchen Bath Remodeling Companies have this level of experience and expertise in the design and construction of quality renovation.

  • Mobile Showrooms

    Mobile Showrooms

    We can come to you for your complimentary In-Home Design Consultation.

  • 3-D & Virtual Reality Glasses

    3-D & Virtual Reality Glasses

    The Latest in Virtual Reality helps you Visualize your new kitchen or bath in YOUR SPACE.

  • Angie's List Award

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